“A Child’s Perspective
on Divorce”

As written by a
ten year old.

The children are often the biggest concern parents have when they divorce.
Two things that will impact your children are the level of conflict between the
parents and an age appropriate parenting plan.

  1. Conflict is harmful to children, so it is important to keep conflict to a
    minimum. You may want to consider mediation after the divorce so
    you could establish boundaries on how you will communicate with your
    ex regarding your child without damaging your child from the conflict.
  2. Develop a parenting plan that takes into consideration the ages of the
    children. For plans that do so, see:

Courts also have standard parenting schedules. They are as follows:

Even though you are divorcing, you are going to be parents together for the rest of your life. The more you can work together to meet the needs of your children, the better off your children will be. Laurie works with parents to help them establish plans and guidelines so they can keep their focus on what is best for the children.

Books can help a child get through divorce, and help mom and dad to communicate with their child about divorce. For a list of helpful books, click here.