“A Child’s Perspective
on Divorce”

As written by a
ten year old.

What to expect in a collaborative divorce

  • Laurie offers you the guidance and protection of your own attorney.
  • Commitment made to resolve your case without litigating in court. Laurie
    and the other attorney have to withdraw if your case is litigated, which
    means the attorneys are committed to working together to resolve your case.
  • Meetings are held with both attorneys, as well as you and your spouse.
  • You and your spouse define your needs and the attorneys provide guidance
    to help you obtain solutions geared to your individual needs. Results in a high
    satisfaction with the results, and better solutions, particularly for parenting
    and financial issues.
  • You and your spouse cooperate in the sharing of documents and information.
  • You have the option of working with child and financial specialists, divorce
    coaches and anyone else that would be beneficial in the resolution of your
  • All agreements that are filed with the court are prepared so that private
    information stays private.

Benefits of  Collaborative Divorce

  • A collaborative divorce can save you a substantial sum of money compared to litigation.
  • Laurie will prepare your agreements so private information stays private.
  • Parents have stronger relationships with their children than those that litigate.
  • You will have a higher probability of achieving your financial goals, such as keeping a house or retirement.
  • People that utilize the collaborative law process have a higher satisfaction with the results than those that litigate, which makes it easier for you to get on with your lives.
  • A collaborative divorce helps you work together with your spouse to resolve your issues, which is helpful at the time of divorce and in the future.
  • A collaborative divorce is effective for many cases, including complex issues or high conflict cases.

Is a Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

  • You are willing to work with your spouse, as opposed to against your spouse, to create solutions to resolve your divorce.
  • Your finances are complex and need to be resolved in an effective manner.
  • You have private information that you would like to stay private.
  • You would like a team approach to resolve your divorce.
  • You like the idea of mediation but are not comfortable proceeding without an attorney by your side.
  • You want to focus on creating a positive future for yourself.
  • You or your spouse own your own business or the income of one spouse fluctuates.