“A Child’s Perspective
on Divorce”

As written by a
ten year old.

There are so many options in how to proceed with your divorce; it can be
difficult to know which option is best.  The questions below will help you decide.

1. Are you and your spouse willing to sit at the same table to work together to
resolve all the issues of your divorce?  (I have helped people who are not in
agreement, don’t get along, or have complex financial issues.
What matters most is that you are willing to try.)

If yes, then mediation or a collaborative divorce would work for you.

a. In mediation I work with you and your spouse as a neutral to resolve all
the issues of your divorce.

b. In a collaborative divorce, I represent you and your interests, so I protect
what is important to you.  Your spouse would have an attorney to do the same
for them.  The four of us would work out all the details of your divorce together.

People that choose one of these two options tend to be the most satisfied with
the results of their divorce.

2. If you or your spouse are not comfortable sitting at the same table, consider
negotiation.  I will negotiate with your spouse, or their attorney, to work out all the
issues of your divorce.  This is usually quicker and less expensive than litigation.

3. If you need restraining orders in place to protect your assets once your spouse
learns you want a divorce, you may want to consider litigation.

Confused?  Call me at 440-526-6411. I am divorced myself.  I understand
how important it is for you to find cost-effective options that help you to
achieve the results you need, without sacrificing what is important to you