Do I Need an Attorney, or a Mediator Who is also an Attorney?

Some couples feel they can work together on the terms of their divorce to save money and avoid what they feel is costly legal counsel. Thus they adopt a do-it-yourself approach and handle everything without an attorney.

Laurie has learned of the following problems when people did so:

  • The internet source they relied on was incorrect. People have given up tens of thousands of dollars due to this incorrect information. Child support calculators in particular tend to be incorrect.
  • On-line forms did not provide the guidance people needed to make good decisions, or the forms were incorrect for Ohio even though they were labeled as Ohio forms.
  • Laurie has been a guardian ad litem on cases where the couple divorced on their own, thought they were in agreement, but as things played out, they realized they were not in agreement. They ended up paying tens of thousands of dollars to attorneys to fix their “agreements” from when they first filed. Some of the parents even filed bankruptcy as a result of their legal fees.
  • A psychologist who mediated a divorce told Laurie that he did not inform a couple when the couple misunderstood the law regarding the division of a pension because the psychologist did not feel it was his place to do so since the couple was in agreement. As a result, the wife gave up several tens of thousands of dollars in her husband’s pension because she had a misunderstanding of the law. She can never go back to court to modify the division of the pension.
  • Financial planners have told Laurie that they have seen couples experience disastrous results because the couples did not make informed decisions.
  • Non-attorneys were limited in the number of options they could help the couple create due to their limited information on the law.

Many couples who try to save money by avoiding attorneys later discover that the initial agreed upon terms are inadequate for any number of reasons. As a result, they experience legal expenses and high-levels of stress and anxiety when they try to undo and change their divorce agreement after the fact. That is when the agreement can be modified, some agreements cannot be modified, and people are stuck with poor results. A good compromise to avoid this situation is to understand your legal options.

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