AS YOUR ATTORNEY – I will help you develop a plan so you can achieve the results that work for you.  I will negotiate with your spouse or their attorney, and I will prepare all the paperwork that has to be filed with the court.

What To Expect in a Negotiation Process:

  • I provide guidance and will help to protect your best interests.
  • You and your spouse share relevant information.
  • Negotiations can take place without you and your spouse being together.
  • I will prepare the agreements so that your private information stays private.
  • Negotiation is effective at addressing the special issues that are present if you or your spouse own your own business or if the income of one spouse fluctuates.

Benefits of Negotiation

  • Negotiation can save you a substantial sum of money compared to litigation.
  • You don’t have to attempt to work things out with your spouse. I will negotiate on your behalf.
  • Private information stays private.
  • The divorce process will proceed at a time and pace that work for you, rather than the court’s timetable.

Is Negotiation Right For You?

  • You want to avoid arguing your personal matters in court to resolve your divorce.
  • You have information that you want to stay private, such as alcoholism or financial issues.
  • You finances are complex and need to be resolved in an effective manner.
  • You own your own business.
  • Your income or that of your spouse fluctuates.