I truly felt lost and overwhelmed, and Laurie was unbelievably patient and compassionate in helping me through the divorce process. She took the time to understand what mattered most to me, and I felt absolutely confident that I would get there, knowing I had her skills and expertise on my side.
– Al S.

Thank you! I don’t know how we would have done this without you. We appreciate your guidance.
– Mary S.

I’m so glad we used mediation.  I was afraid mediation would mean being nice and giving up what I wanted. Instead, mediation helped up both to get what we wanted due to the different ideas Laurie had.  Thanks Laurie!
– Tony B.

Thank you for simplifying this for us!  We didn’t know how to start, or how to figure things out, and your guidance really made a difference for us.
– Carl C.

We saved so much money compared to arguing in court.  And I got good results!
– Olivia R.

Laurie helped us to get past the conflict so we could focus on what really mattered.
– Lisa B.

Thanks for watching my back! You have no idea how much that means.
– Matt B.

You have really helped me deal with the emotional aspects of the divorce. Thank you!
– John M.

We had so much conflict before we came to see Laurie.  Working with Laurie helped  to lessen the conflict, so now there is not so much tension we are around our kids.
– Pat L.